The overriding goal of this training program is to produce graduate students who are not only well-versed in molecular and cellular biology, but also have received significant training in cancer histology and pathobiology, cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, and anticancer drug discovery. In order to achieve this goal, students who are supported on the training grant are expected to complete a core curriculum of three required courses.

  • CBIO 644: Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling (Including Super Cell)
  • PATH 725: Cancer pathobiology
  • PHCO 737: Target-based drug discovery and cancer treatment

Students will need to fulfill both the departmental (or curriculum) and training program requirements in order to graduate. However, this should not pose an undue burden. Our experience with trainees selected for the Program during the past four years is that many students with a strong interest in cancer-related studies will have already chosen to take these courses, prior to admission to the Program.

CCBTP offers several additional training opportunities to our grantees. These include the Clinical Shadowing Program, joint interactions with the HHMI-funded Translational Medicine Program, etc. For further information on these opportunities, please see the Activities tab.


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