Faculty List

Program faculty are drawn from all disciplines of biomedical science, and have an outstanding collective training record. Their research ranges from the basic to the more clinically oriented, and focuses on organisms from yeast to humans. Overlapping areas of interest include: signal transduction, cell cycle control, DNA replication, mutagenesis, and repair and cancer genetics.
Biochemistry & Biophysics Pharmacology
Jeanette G. Cook Adrienne D. Cox
Dale A. Ramsden Channing J. Der
Brian D. Strahl Michael J. Emanuele
Gary L. Johnson
Biology Jen Jen Yeh
Albert S. Baldwin Yanping Zhang
Mark A. Peifer
Cell Biology & Physiology Antonio L. Amelio
James E. Bear Ian J. Davis
Keith Burridge William Y. Kim
M. Ben Major Terry Magnuson
Charles M. Perou
 Chemistry Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta
Nancy L. Allbritton Jenny P. Ting
David S. Lawrence
Microbiology & Immunology 
 Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Blossom A. Damania
Bernard E. Weissman

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