CCBTP Journal Club

CCBTP Journal Club meets on the first Monday of each month, from 4:30-6 pm, for paper discussion and socializing.  All meetings are held in the Lineberger 3rd floor main conference room (32-001).   In addition to the usual academic benefits of journal club, one of the goals of this journal club is to build community by increasing trainee opportunities to interact with CCBTP preceptors/lab members other than their own.  Another is to offer trainees “behind the scenes” insights into how a particular paper came about, and the consequences thereof.  Each paper we discuss is from a CCBTP preceptor, who is invited to come to that discussion along with the grad students/postdocs who did the work.

The next meeting of CCBTP Journal Club will be held December 4.  Jean Cook and her graduate student Jacob Matson will lead discussion on their paper newly accepted at eLife, entitled “Rapid DNA replication origin licensing protects stem cell pluripotency.”