John Runge receives Scholar-in-Training Award

CCBTP trainee John Runge recently won a Scholar-in-Training award to travel to the AACR Special Meeting on Chromatin and Epigenetics, September 24-27 in Atlanta, GA.  While at the meeting, John presented a poster titled “Snf-ing out crosstalk between chromatin remodeling enzymes”.  The focus of this Special Conference was to bring together outstanding basic, translational, and clinical cancer researchers to discuss their latest findings in the fields of chromatin and epigenetic regulation, transcription initiation, enhancers, control of transcriptional elongation, and more.  Four presenters of meritorious abstracts were selected by the Conference Chairpersons to receive an award to attend this conference.  This award is a great honor for John, congratulations!

John Runge -- Genomic consequences of subunit sharing between chromatin remodeling complexes -- Preceptor: Terry Magnuson, PhD

John Runge
Preceptor: Terry Magnuson, PhD

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